ECET2 Maine 2018 Breakout Sessions

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Thursday, Session 1Brittany RayTrauma Informed Instruction
Thursday, Session 1Beth HeidemannScience is a Process
Thursday, Session 1Stephanie HendrixCulturally Responsive Pedagogy
Thursday, Session 1Iris EichenLaub/Patti FosterStudent-Centered English Class
Thursday, Session 1Emily Gribben, Amy Poland, Jason LibbyStrategies for Supporting All Learners
Thursday, Session 1Sandra MacArthurPolicy, Advocacy and Practice - From Concept to Law
Thursday, Session 1Pam Starkey/Devon WeberFlexible Grouping
Thursday, Session 2Christi GoosmanBreaking out of the Box of Cultural Definitions of Femininity and Masculinity
Thursday, Session 2Diana Allen, Angie McLaughlin, Margo MurphyTeacher Leadership
Thursday, Session 2Kasie GiallombardoTaking Your PLGs to the Next Level
Thursday, Session 2Megan MarksRelationships First!
Thursday, Session 2Shelly Moody/Kaitlin YoungTake Your Legislator to Class!
Thursday, Session 2Tammy RangerThe Tiara Syndrome: Women in Education Leadership
Thursday, Session 2Selina WarrenProficiency Through Academic Choice
Friday, Session 3Julie McFarland and Ellen PayneUsing Student-Centered Routines to Increase Depth or Problem-Solving
Friday, Session 3Karen Fream and Jennifer WrightInquiry through Productive Talk
Friday, Session 3Margo MurphyUsing Data Effectively
Friday, Session 3Karen MacDonald and Jennifer DormanElevating your Colleague through ECET and other PD Opportunities
Friday, Session 3Emily TheilmannElevating Student Voice In and Outside of the Classroom
Friday, Session 3Amanda NguyenDesigning for Transfer of Learning
Friday, Session 3Dan RyderRigorous Whimsey