ECET2 Maine is a two-day event based on the ECET2 national model offering a unique opportunity for teachers from across Maine to connect with other practitioners to gain leadership skills, share innovative classroom practices, and be “celebrated” for their work on behalf of Maine’s students.

Participants work together for two days on the Colby College campus to learn, share, and network. During the convening, Maine teachers take charge of the learning and deliver whole group presentations, run small breakout sessions focused on leadership skills and innovative practice, facilitate colleague circles where groups of teachers learn protocols for problem-solving back in their district, and share their successes and challenges.

Finally, the organizers of this event ensure that the Maine educators are treated and celebrated as the amazing professionals they are. We take time to get to know one another and laugh with each other. We value the personal interactions and spend time getting to know each other through team building activities, family style meals, interactive breakout sessions, and our colleague circles.

The focus of this year’s convening will be Equity in Education.

Convening Goals

  • Putting teachers in the lead
  • Inspiring both the intellect and the passion that drives teachers in their work
  • Focusing on each teacher’s potential for growth
  • Recognizing teachers as talented professionals
  • Providing time for collaboration and learning
  • Nurturing trust among teachers

Who Can Participate?

The ECET2 Maine experience is a special one. To ensure that we are reaching educators throughout the state, we have set a rough goal of having 30% repeat participants and 70% new participants. In order to return to

In order to return to ECET2 Maine, you must contribute to the success of the event in some way by working on the planning committee, presenting or facilitating at the event, or working on the execution of the event the two days in August.

How are Educators Selected for Participation?

Invitations are distributed to educators throughout Maine, starting with the networks of our three educator partners— Maine State Teacher of the Year Association, Maine National Board Network, and Educate Maine. In addition, each former participant receives two invitations to give to colleagues at his/her school. One week after the invitations go to former participants the invitation goes statewide through social media to the many networks of educators in our state.

Funding and Cost to the Educators

Under the current structure, this experience is entirely FREE for teachers!